Google search: separation or divorce

We get it. No one starts a relationship expecting it will end. But we all know life is unpredictable. If the recent data on Google searches is anything to go by, COVID-19 has more people than ever weighing up their relationship options.

In June 2020, Google searches for ‘divorce’ set a new mid-year record, as well as a 12-month high. Lockdown rules, job losses and spikes in rates of domestic violence show that ‘for better or worse’ has been seriously tested in 2020 so far.

The search term ‘divorce’ doesn’t cover data for de facto relationship breakdowns either, so if this wasn’t gloomy enough, the Google data is suggestive that de facto couples are also feeling the pain of relationship difficulties just as much as their married counter-parts.

If you’ve found this blog because you happen to be one of those Google searchers, you’re probably wondering about things like:

  1. What happens with the children when we separate?
  2. How do we tell the children we are separating?
  3. Will my children cope with a divorce or separation?
  4. Who has to move out of the house after a separation?
  5. Do I have to keep paying the bills when I move out?
  6. What is included in child support?
  7. How do we work out splitting up our property and debts?
  8. What can I do if my ex and I can’t agree?

Our lawyers take a holistic and understanding approach in advising you. We’ll connect you with other professionals who can help you with the sorts of issues you may face during a separation, such as counsellors, family therapists, mediators and financial advisors.

Going through a divorce or separation is one of life’s biggest transitions – and it's tough. Our supportive and expert team can give you some answers about your legal rights and obligations and help you come up with a plan to move forward. You can check us out in a free 15 minute chat here or if you’re ready for an in-depth discussion, you can book a time to meet with us here.