Books to help kids cope with separation & change

Today is International Children's Book Day! We thought it would be timely to share some hand-picked helpful children's books tried and tested by many of our clients (and ourselves!) for various ages and stages of children.

Separation affects every aspect of life - from your finances, your family relationships and your children’s routines. In the life of a child, a family breakdown can be traumatic and unsettling time. When told of the news, children may feel sad, angry, anxious and confused. The age of your child can also affect how they comprehend and adapt to this new change in their world.

Reading with your child is a practical way you can help ease their transition through separation and divorce. In child-centred terms, books can assist children to understand what’s happening in their family, lessen the impact of change for them and open up a conversation about the feelings and worries that can come with the shift in your family during separation and divorce.

At Parker Coles Curtis we understand that each family is unique and there isn’t a standard pathway for everyone’s separation or divorce. We provide care, choice and practical solutions which focus on keeping the children’s interests firmly in mind. If you need assistance with parenting plans and custody orders contact us for a free 15 minute phone call on (02) 551 2660 or simply book online

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