iphone could negatively affect family law evidence

In September 2022 Apple rolled out an iOS 16 update. There are lots of features this new update allows however the one to be most aware of (as far as your Family Law matter is concerned) is that text messages can now be edited.

That's right! If you and any sender of iphone texts has iOS 16 installed, there is a 15-minute window to allow editing text (this timeframe may change with future updates*).

This creates an opportunity for that text sent in anger to be edited. The important thing to note here is that if you do receive a text that is threatening or can be used in evidence in any way, make sure you screen shot the message immediately before the sender has a chance to edit the text.

The silver lining - if a text message has been edited, the recipient of the edited text will be able to see that you've edited the text message. Both the recipient and sender must have the update for this feature to work and an iphone, so texts are unable to be edited to Android owners.

What have we learnt from this new information - screenshot relevant texts immediately!