Catherine Coles and the Menslink Greatest Walk: a journey of strength, courage, and community

Catherine Coles, Founding Director of Parker Coles Curtis, recently completed the challenging and inspiring Menslink Greatest Walk. This was a 5-day journey along Canberra’s Centenary Trail with the adventure being longer than the Kokoda Track and even surpasses the distance to Everest Base Camp.

The 142km walk was a test of determination, resilience, and commitment by CEOs, community leaders, and senior executives all raising funds for Menslink.

It was a mental and physical challenge which pushed boundaries, had some daunting paths, long distances and was a perfect metaphor for the challenges we often face in life, and Catherine tackled it with admirable courage and strength.

‘I didn’t appreciate how positive it would be for me personally. I was excited about the professional networking, however, being out in nature, walking with likeminded people gave me a really positive energy that shocked me a little, upon reflection and made me realise how much I truly needed it.’ (Catherine Coles)

In line with our firm’s ethos of community involvement and support, we hosted a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event where 100% of the ticket revenue was generously donated to the cause. This event not only showcased our commitment to professional growth providing education on the new family law changes but also our dedication to giving back to the community. The success of this event is a reflection of the compassionate spirit that permeates our community and firm.

Through community, family and friend support Catherine managed to raise more than $15,000!!

‘I was so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. It makes you realise that when you are passionate about a cause it creates a domino effect of inspiration. It’s just such a great result for Menslink. Thank you so much to everyone who donated not just to me, but to the Great Walk as a whole.’ (Catherine Coles)

This journey would not have been possible without the overwhelming support from our community. Catherine is immensely thankful to everyone who donated, participated, and cheered on. The support extended far beyond moral encouragement, the community's involvement was pivotal in raising funds and awareness for Menslink, a cause close to our hearts at Parker Coles Curtis.

''It is really important to Debra, Jacqui and myself to give back to the community and this was one of the values that really brought us together when we started our firm. We are very proud that this is a point of difference and it something we are known for this within our community’ (Catherine Coles)

The timing of the walk, came right after our firm was honoured as the ACT Law Firm of the Year, which provided an additional boost of enthusiasm and pride. This accolade is a testament to the impactful work we are doing within the community and served as a high point to start this significant journey.

‘As the largest female led law firm in the ACT who are experts in family law we consider it a privilege to service our clients and the wider community with care and compassion. It is our mission to assist and empower our clients, by giving them choices, helping them recreate their life during separation and divorce. It is incredible when we great outcomes for our clients and see the transformation in their lives.’ (Catherine Coles)

Completing the Menslink Greatest Walk was a huge milestone, and it was a profound experience. Our commitment to our community and the positive difference we seek to make continues to be our driving force. This journey, supported by the strength and unity of our community, stands as a shining example of what we can achieve together.

Thank you, Catherine, for your inspiring effort, and thank you to everyone who supported this cause. Together, we are making a difference!