ACT Law Firm of the Year

We are beyond excited to announce that Parker Coles Curtis has been named the ACT Law Firm of the Year for 2023!

On Friday, 3 November 2023 our lawyers attended the ACT Law Society Annual Awards night and we were thrilled to be selected from the panel of finalists to take out the honour of the prestigious ACT Law Firm of the Year award.

The ACT Law Firm of the Year award recognises outstanding efforts made by local firms to access to justice and towards building a diverse and healthy legal profession. Only one firm can be awarded each year. We had strong competition from Proximity Legal and Balance Family Law, and our success is welcome recognition that our commitment to providing legal services with empathy and compassion to our clients and our community has set us apart in a competitive legal landscape.

The judging criteria for the award considers contributions to pro bono work in the ACT, encouragement of a diverse legal profession, mentoring and development of young lawyers, provision of wellbeing support to staff and innovative uses of technology together with other factors.

It’s rewarding beyond measure to know that the Parker Coles Curtis mission from day one – to make a challenging time less difficult – has resonated with our clients and colleagues alike. We keep central to our work the knowledge that behind every case we deal with, there are real people facing real challenges and change. Our team is delighted to be acknowledged for building a trusted and reputable family law firm in Canberra, but also for our unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusivity and diversity, and community connection.

Being named the ACT Law Firm of the Year, across all disciplines of law in the Nation’s Capital is a real ‘pinch me’ moment for our founding Directors Debra Parker, Catherine Coles and Jacquelyn Curtis.

Uniting just over three years ago to establish Parker Coles Curtis, the made a conscious decision to deliver family law services with care, compassion and choice.

Standing at the podium to receive the handcrafted trophy, made from wood uplifted from the former Supreme Court building here in the ACT Director Debra Parker said, “The ACT Law Firm of the Year award is a testament to our team's hard work and collaborative spirit.”

Post event the Directors described in 5 words or less their experience of building a firm from the ground up to becoming a key market player – and the top firm in the ACT no less! They said: “exacting but immensely rewarding” (Jacquelyn Curtis) ….. (Catherine Coles) and ….(Debra Parker).

A heartfelt thank you to our nominees for this award, the judging panel, our clients who place their trust in us to guide them to a new beginning, and once again, to our incredible and devoted team for their part in our work.

We look forward to upholding the legacy of the ACT Law Firm of the Year award in serving the families and legal profession of Canberra. If you or a friend or family member is in need of family law advice, please keep us in mind. A referral is the best compliment or thanks we can receive – and we promise to deliver the standard of the ACT’s top law firm in return!