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Initial Consultation

Need more time with us to explain your situation? Book an in-office or video conference consultation with one of our specialist family lawyers. We will comprehensively delve into your situation so you leave with a clear plan to move forward. This appointment is ideal for you if are in the early stages of separation, thinking about separating or if you’re separated but in the thick of difficult issues and need some in-depth advice. Fixed fee consultations for new clients from $550 inc GST or $650 inc GST with a Director/Accredited Specialist. 

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What our initial consultation provides

Our 1 hour initial consultations provide:

  • The opportunity to voice your concerns in a judgment free environment
  • Advice from a specialist family lawyer identifying the specific issues in your matter that require practical or legal resolution
  • An action plan that is tailored to your circumstances
  • A comprehensive discussion in plain English about your situation, your rights and the range of possible outcomes


Separation and Divorce

From custody arrangements to dispute resolution, divorce mediation and domestic violence matters, we demystify the separation and divorce process.

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Parenting and custody arrangements

We can help you to navigate the complexities of co-parenting, visitation and access rights within child-custody laws in Australia.

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Property and financial settlement

Know your legal rights and entitlements. Let us secure property settlements and financial outcomes in your best interests.

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De facto breakups

We can help with splitting assets fairly and managing custody arrangements after a break-up of a de facto partnership.

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Family violence and protection orders

We'll support you to safely exit an abusive relationship and secure legal protection against domestic violence.

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International family law

Advice and representation for international couples about how Australia's family law system applies to you

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Pre-nup and Binding financial agreements

We’ll help you establish your legal rights in advance to protect yourself in the event of separation or divorce.

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Child support

Understand parental responsibilities, and your child support entitlements or obligations after separation and divorce.

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Successfully navigate the potential relocation of children and custody arrangements after separation or divorce.

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Spouse maintenance

Understand your rights and obligations so you can make informed decisions about your finances in the short and long term.

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Third-party interests

What to do if you are a third party impacted by someone else’s divorce or separation

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Adoption and surrogacy

Adopting a child as a relative, step-parent or carer.

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Documenting separation agreements

Have an agreement and want to make it legal? Let us guide you through the process.

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Wills and Power of Attorney and conveyancing

We’re by your side for all new beginnings, including buying or selling a property.

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Our Founding Director Debra Parker is a highly regarded mediator and dispute resolution practitioner.

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